Streets and Roads

Streets and Pavement Maintenance

Last updated April 2023

The Town of Eaton is taking a strategic approach to improving our road conditions and improving our transportation systems. A modest 1% sales tax could provide funding to repair and reconstruct roads to extend the lifespan of roadways, minimize the cost for the future, and prioritize projects to increase pedestrian safety.

Eaton's current pavement conditions:

bar graph showing the results of a recent pavement study

About 59% of the Town of Eaton’s roadways are in fair, marginal, or poor condition. Without additional funding, the percentage of roadways in Eaton that are currently in poor condition is projected to increase almost five-fold over the next five years.

Did you know? Every $1 invested now in preventative maintenance saves $4 to $10 in rehabilitation/reconstruction costs later.

How We Could Improve our Roads and Pedestrian Safety

The Town of Eaton and the Town Board is considering a 1% sales tax to support street maintenance repair and transportation improvement.

Why is the Sales Tax Needed?

59% of Eaton’s roads, or 17 miles, are in Fair to Poor Condition. Eaton’s current budget only allows for a marginal amount of road maintenance for the next 5 years.

The sales tax would be used to:

  • Restore roadways that are in poor, marginal, or fair condition, and then maintain them
  • Properly maintain roadways that are already in good, very good, or excellent condition
  • Add turn lanes and bike lanes along certain roadways, as well as widen them

Why a Sales Tax?

A sales tax ensures both the residents and visitors who use Eaton’s roads are sharing the cost of ensuring they are maintained and improved. When visitors stop in Eaton’s retail stores and spend money, they will be supporting our local streets. A 1% sales tax would only ad $0.01 to every $1 purchase.

How to get Involved:

No decisions will be made until we hear from you. Please consider attending an upcoming public information meeting to learn more about the proposal, ask questions, and provide input.

  • Tuesday, May 2, Town Board Room, 224 1st St, 6:00-7:00 pm
  • Thursday, May 11, Eaton Area Community Center, Maple Room, 1675 3rd St, 6:00-7:00 pm
  • Saturday, May 13, Eaton Library, Colorado Room, 132 Maple Ave, Noon-1:00 pm

In the coming weeks, we will also be mailing to you a community opinion survey. We greatly appreciate your participation.

You have the final word in how we move forward to protect and preserve some of Eaton’s most valuable public assets, our roadways.

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