Water Conservation During Horsetooth Outlet Project

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Horsetooth Reservoir is a water storage reservoir that the Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District (“Northern Water”) and U.S. Bureau of Reclamation operate, which incorporates the Soldier Canyon Dam and other infrastructure. The Soldier Canyon Outlet consists of a pipe and other infrastructure that conveys water from Horsetooth Reservoir under and through the Soldier Canyon Dam to a water treatment facility, which treats water for the various water service providers, including the North Weld County Water District (“North Weld”) which provides treated water to the Town of Eaton.

Northern Water and the Bureau of Reclamation intend to perform required maintenance and rehabilitation work on the Soldier Canyon Outlet, commonly referred to as the “Horsetooth Outlet Project” (“HOP”), which is scheduled to commence on October 15, 2020, and continue for approximately 45 days. During this time, the Soldier Canyon Outlet will not be available to deliver water from Horsetooth Reservoir. While the work is being performed, North Weld will be required to rely mainly on water supplies from the Cache la Poudre River.  Should conditions arise during the work on the HOP, which would prevent or limit the ability of North Weld to obtain water from the Poudre River, a temporary backup pump system will convey water from a different Horsetooth Reservoir outlet to the Water Treatment Facility and/or North Weld will rely on an emergency interconnect with the City of Greeley.

In turn, the Town of Eaton is asking that all water customers please ensure that all outside watering activities using potable water (i.e. sprinkler systems, vehicle washing, etc.) be suspended or reduced until the project is completed. These actions will help ensure that Northern Water and United States Bureau of Reclamation can complete this project and secure proper water delivery for the Town of Eaton.  


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