Sign-up for Emergency Alerts Through CodeRED

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The Weld County Office of Emergency Management is reminding residents and community members to sign-up for emergency alerts through their CodeRED Emergency Alert System

CodeRed is an emergency notification system used to inform the public of immediate threats to health and safety. 

From Weld County Commissioner, Scott James: 

Since 2014, Weld County Government has utilized CodeRED, through the Weld County Regional Communications Center, to send emergency alerts to residents registered to receive them regarding various address-specific public safety situations (think evacuation, lockdown, and shelter-in place-notices; even weather warnings sent from the National Weather Service.) While landlines and VoIP numbers are automatically enrolled to receive alerts, we’re encouraging you to register your cell phone numbers and email addresses as well. That way, when an emergency is occurring near the physical address you’ve entered in CodeRED for your home or business, you will receive a phone call, text message, or email — based on the option you choose. This information can help you make the decisions necessary to protect, you, your family, and your property during emergency events.

Registering for CodeRED is free, quick, and easy. Register by visiting or calling the Weld County Office of Emergency Management (OEM) at (970) 304-6540. You can also register multiple phone numbers and addresses, so now is a perfect time to register the whole family to make sure they all receive important notices when they need them most.

How Will I Know I'm Receiving a CodeRED notification?

Here are the numbers you’ll see come across your caller ID if an emergency alert has been sent to your address-specific location. Write these numbers down or save them in your phone’s contact list so they’ll be easily recognizable.

• Emergency alert notifications - 866-419-5000
• Community alerts for general notifications - 855-969-4636
• Weather alerts (warnings only) - 800-566-9780

CodeRED alerts are sent from the Weld County Regional Communications Center (except for weather warnings, which come from the National Weather Service). If you ever miss a CodeRED call, you can hear the latest message delivered to your phone by simply dialing the number back. Not signed up for CodeRED? Go to or call the Weld County Office of Emergency Management at (970) 304-6540.

Click here to sign-up today!