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Recognizing Our Officers - September 2023

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There's been so much good news out of the Eaton Police Department the past few months we wanted to highlight some of our officers! 

Fox 31's Support the Shield Officer of the Month 

Congratulations to Detective John Torres, who was honored with the Officer of the Month from Fox 31’s Support the Shield!

Life Saving Award
Corporal Allen with the Town Board
Corporal Dwain Allen Jr. received a Life Saving Award from the Eaton Police Department following an Eaton resident calling the Police Department to say that it was due to Corporal Allen's actions that he was wearing a seat belt during a car accident and without wearing one, he would not have survived. Well done Corporal Allen!

Commander Rundle and Sergeant Pettit
We want to offer a huge congratulations to Sergeant Rundle who was promoted to Commander and to Officer Pettit who was promoted to Sergeant. Thank you to all you do to serve the Eaton community!