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Non-Potable Irrigation Watering Restrictions

Water is a resource we sometimes take for granted in a state that often experiences droughts. A large portion of the water we use is for outdoor irrigation for our lawns and gardens. This is why we must be thoughtful about our outdoor water use to ensure we are protecting the resource for the future.

Non-potable irrigation customers with the Town of Eaton have the following watering restrictions:

  • No watering between the hours of 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.
  • Residences with even-numbered addresses shall water on even-numbered days and residences with odd-numbered addresses shall water on odd-numbered days.
  • Residences with new lawns or landscaping should call Town Hall (970-454-3338) to apply for a permit that will allow for watering every day for 30 days to establish the lawn or landscaping. The permit will be issued on yellow paper and must be displayed on the premises and be visible from the street.

Below is the ordinance from 2013 establishing the watering restrictions:


Resolution 2013-04 - Requiring Non-Potable Watering Restrictions.pdf