Infrastructure Management Services to do Deflection Testing in Eaton 6/25/22

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Infrastructure Management Services (IMS) will be conducting the first step of a pavement condition survey in Eaton on Saturday, June 25, 2022. This first step will include 14 miles of deflection testing with the town. Deflection testing will occur on the following roads:

  1. WCR39
  2. WCR35
  3. 1st Street
  4. 3rd Street
  5. 5th Street
  6. 10th Street
  7. Orchard
  8. Juniper
  9. Cheyenne (southend to 5th)
  10. Eaton Commons (3rd, 4th , Willow and Hickory)
  11. Colorado Parkway (both in Maplewood and Governors Ranch)
  12. Hawkstone Dr
  13. Eagle Dr

Click here to see a map of the planned streets.

Pavement deflection testing is a quick and easy way to assess the structural condition of an in-service pavement in a non-destructive manner. While the streets will remain open, there may be some delays caused by the deflection testing. Drivers should be cautious as the truck and trailer will be moving slowly with frequent stops. Please give IMS the room to work if you approach them while driving.

IMS plans to return to Eaton in a couple more weeks to do more extensive testing. Check the Town of Eaton website and Facebook page for updates as we learn more! 

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