EXTENSION: Public Comment Open for New Land Use and Zoning Code Updates

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The Town of Eaton is seeking public comment on land use and zoning code provisions that are being drafted and modified for the Town Code. 

Goals set for this update include:

  • Better organized regulations for zoning and subdivision of property
  • More streamlined processes, including new administrative approvals for some processes
  • Add regulations related to missing items usually in a Zoning & Subdivision Code
  • Create some better definitions
  • General clean up of old or antiquated requirements

Public Comment will be open into March of 2021 regarding the code updates to allow for more opportunities to give feedback. Interested parties can send their comments to Vince Harris at Vince@baselinecorp.com or can attend the open house on February 18th from 3:00 PM to 6:30 PM at the Town Auditorium at 223 First Street.

Public Hearings will be held in April or at a later date depending on the length of the process. 

Staff Report on Code Update

Redline Version of Code Update Draft