Eaton’s New Roundabout - Collins and CR 35

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Photo by Joseph Cross

The roundabout at the intersection of Collins and CR 35 will be open to cars starting August 19! The decision to build a roundabout instead of maintaining the intersection as a two-way stop or creating a traffic signal came down to safety. Roundabouts, statistically, have significantly lower crash and death rates than traditional intersections. With the new high school opening on the northeast corner, safety for younger drivers as well as planning for increased pedestrian traffic was a top concern.

The design of the roundabout accommodates local semi-traffic with the use of concrete roll-over curbs/aprons on three outside edges of the roundabout – please note these are NOT sidewalks for any pedestrians or cyclists. They are for large trucks/farmers' equipment that need to drive thru the intersection during planting seasons or harvest time, or an occasional delivery truck going into town. Additionally, the Eaton Board of Trustees is working with the Weld County Board of County Commissioners to have semi-trucks re-routed north to the newly approved truck route on WCR 76 to reduce heavy truck traffic through town and around the new school. This will not only lead to safer streets but also lower emissions for pedestrians.

Pedestrians will be able to cross WCR 74/Collins Street at a crosswalk on the east side of the roundabout on Collins Street. The crossing is ADA accessible and gives a clear path for those looking to cross to the high school or to the south to Governors Ranch.

The new lane striping is highly reflective and will aid motorists at night. Signs indicating a reduced speed will be installed as drivers approach the roundabout to increase safety.

A Town of Eaton sign will be mounted on the two brick walls in September and provide a welcoming entry to the Town with nice landscaping in the center of the roundabout. Total construction costs for the project are expected to be below the $3 million authorized by the Town Board. 

This is the Town’s first roundabout, so please always follow the appropriate speed limits and directions while driving thru the roundabout. Let’s keep our community as safe as it possibly can be.

See the Truck Route being created with Weld County: 

A map of the truck route around Eaton