Eaton Town Board Identifies Pillars of Success for the Future

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An infographic showing each of the six pillars

Following a Board Retreat on September 22, 2022, the Eaton Town Board has identified six strategic “pillars” or priorities that will be used to determine how they should direct the town. Each pillar was designed to span beyond the one-year horizon and reach toward a strategic pathway of five to seven years. The strategic pillars include:

  1. Embrace Guided Growth
  2. Maintain and Develop Premier Resources
  3. Facilitate Engagement and a Sense of Community
  4. Foster Trust Through Transparency
  5. Sustain a Safe Community
  6. Ensure Generational Needs are Met

The pillars were decided on during the strategic board retreat in which the Town Board reviewed the results of a recent community survey that was taken by over 600 Eaton residents and discussed aspiration drivers that the Board wanted to reach in the future. The Town Board approved the six pillars at their October 20 Board Meeting.

Within each strategic pillar, the Board and Town Staff will be identifying mile-markers to move the Town in the right direction and at the right speed. They are intended to give the staff direction as they develop a work plan that is in alignment with the Strategic Vision of the Board.

Mayor Scott Moser said of the new strategic pillars, “These strategic pillars focus on what we heard from residents were the greatest needs for Eaton’s future. We are excited that we were able to come together to identify what we, as a Town, want to focus on as we continue to grow and meet new needs.”

The Board will continue to work towards improving the Town of Eaton based on resident feedback and projected growth. As more information surrounding the work plan and vision becomes available, the Town will be updating residents and community members on its website and through its social media accounts.