5/18/22 Update on Governor’s Ranch and Aspen Meadows Non-Potable Irrigation System

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The Governor’s Ranch and Aspen Meadows neighborhood non-potable irrigation system is now scheduled to be operational by May 27, 2022. Schedule delays for electrical connection and inspection as well as one critical part being on backorder caused further pauses to project completion. The Town of Eaton acknowledges the frustration the delay may have caused and thanks residents for their patience as this project nears completion.

The Board of Trustees will be discussing any potential rebates or credits at their regular meeting this Thursday, May 19, 2022, at 7:00 pm in the Gary Carston Board Room 224 1st St.

Once the system is back online, please note that water conservation restrictions will be in place. Households will have to abide by established watering schedules and restrictions so as not to create more demand than the pump can provide and deplete the water supply in the wells.


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