Outreach Services

All in-person outreach services are temporarily suspended due to COVID-19. 

Contact Neal Schlein at nschlein@highplains.us or 970-454-2189 if you are interested in virtual options.


Library Tours and Group Storytimes

Schools, daycares, scout patrols, and all other groups are invited to the library for behind-the-scenes tours. Possible special focus areas include topical library resources, disability access, career information, and censorship. Research instruction, games and activities, or a short storytime can also be arranged.

Recommended for groups of up to 30 at a time, please allow 30-45 minutes for the tour. (Arrangements can also be made for large groups or longer visits with sufficient notice.)

Contact the library at 970-454-2189 to arrange a time and details at least 5 days ahead of your planned visit..



School Outreach

Are you a teacher in the Eaton or Galeton area? If so, the library can visit your classroom! Contact us at 970-454-2189 to make arrangements.

Librarian Storytimes (K-3rd)

Get your students excited with a regularly scheduled visit from library staff. We bring the books, you bring the students! Presentations include a story and a craft or other extension activity, which can be tied to your current curriculum topic. 30 minutes long, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.​

Chapter-by-Chapter Read-Alouds (K-6th)

Bring the public library to your classroom with longer, age-appropriate read-alouds and book discussions. Crafts and extension activities can also be included. Select a book that fits your curriculum, or let us suggest a title, such as

  • Paddington Bear
  • Bunnicula
  • James and the Giant Peach
  • A Snicker of Magic.

Visits are approximately 30 minutes long (45 minutes with a craft), and can be scheduled weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

Kick-Off Readings (K-6th)

Starting a new book with your class? Let us read the first chapter to your students and spark some enthusiasm! Includes an extension activity, such as crafts or a game.

Special Topic Visits (K-12th)

Sessions range from 30 minutes to 1 hour in length, depending on topic and grade level. Contact Neal at 970-454-2189 for details.

Reading, Writing, and Storytelling

Trust Me! --Featuring a tale with an untrustworthy narrator or other significant character. Suggested titles include A Bear Ate Your Sandwich, The Best Pet of All, The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs, or The Boy who Cried Wolf. Writing Workshop: POV and Character Development --Work together to re-tell a well-known story from several different points of view. Making It All Up As We Go: Improvisation -- Yes, and....It was fabulous and wonderful! Urban Legends and Folklore -- Students learn about the oral tradition, legends, myths, folktales, and songs.


Don't see what you need? Give us a call at 970-454-2189.


Veterans Day: The Poppy Lady -- Featuring a reading of the book The Poppy Lady, the Armed Forces, WWI, and a craft. (Select classes will have their art displayed in the library gallery for November.) Halloween: (Slightly) Spooky Stories -- From Creepy Carrots to Spookly the Square Pumpkin, and maybe a song or two.


Paper Circuits -- Light up an LED on paper! Students learn about series and parallel circuits, and then make a card to take home. Reading by Feel: Braile -- Students will get an introduction to Luis Braile and the writing system he created, including a chance to try reading and writing in it. True Grit: Invention, Scientific Method, Engineering – Students learn about the process of inventing in an invented story about Benjamin Franklin, then tackle an engineering challenge. Balance and Center of Gravity -- We will read The Man Who Walked Between the Towers and make a balance dancer. Bright Animals: Bioluminescence -- Focusing on how different animals make their own light. Now you see me: Camouflage -- Students will learn about how animals use different kinds of camouflage to hide.
  • Eaton and Library History -- How has life changed in Eaton in the past hundred years and more?

Libraries, Literacy, and History

All Join Hands: Square and Folk Dance History -- Classes will learn a bit about American dance history, and then get to try out some of the skills. (This can also be a programming tie-in.) Working in Libraries-- What is it like to work in a library? What sort of education is necessary? What kinds of libraries are there? (There are more than you expect!) Banned Books--Featuring an age-appropriate book that has been banned or challenged at some point. (Such as The Giving Tree Where the Wild Things Are And Tango Makes Three The Book with No Words, or Duck, Death, and a Tulip.).
Starship Artemis (4th-12th)

Bring a starship to your classroom for team building, hands-on science research, coding, and more! Using either the Artemis or Empty Epsilon Spaceship Bridge Simulator software, students must work as a team to operate a starship and defend the sector from hostile alien forces. Curriculum tie-ins include wildlife research design, statistical analysis, coding, 3D design, creative writing, and improvisational acting.

Artemis requires space for one projection unit or TV display per group of six students, and is currently available fora maximum of 12 participants at a time. Options are available for short (15 minute) sessions, as well as longer and customized game missions. Contact Neal at 970-454-2189 for more information.