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Eaton Public Library received a grant from High Plains Library District to pay the entire cost for a professional space planning team to look at our library.  This plan reflects the changes which the Library Board believes will achieve the objectives outlined for them by the results of the community survey, meetings with the library board and staff, and from tours of other similar sized public libraries.

Once the Eaton Library Board completes this phrase of public input, the Eaton Library will use existing library funds to make the changes needed and to buy the equipment and furniture to complete the project.

Objectives of the space plan:

  1. Make better use of spaces for today’s needs.
  2. Reorganize the interior of the library to add seating and tables, create quiet spaces and showcase the collection.
  3. Provide more meeting, study and program space to use, particularly for after school services.
  4. Minimize changes requiring construction.
  5. Create areas for educational toys and caregiver/child seating

Changes planned:


The south corner of the library entry will be repurposed to create an enclosed book drop room.  The current set up drops the items into the staff work area which is very noisy and cuts down on the productivity of staff working in the same room. The new location makes the drop more visible to the public and will help quarantine book returns.  Access to the data rack will be here, too.

Staff Workroom

A Maker Room will be created by constructing a wall to separate it from the staff workroom.  The Maker Room will allow more STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mechanical) programming for all ages.  We are especially excited that it will provide an area for STEAM school assignments to be completed and adult activities to be held. 

The wall with the bulletin board will be replaced by a half glass wall which will allow visitors to see the room and how it is used, as they enter the building. Materials will be returned at the circulation desk or the new outside book drop.  Cubbies will be built along the bottom of the wall to accommodate the backpacks now left on the floor of the vestibule after school. 

Community Bulletin Board

The public telephone is seldom used so we plan to repurpose this area for the community information board. The public phone currently is the same line which rings at the circulation desk and the few people who need the phone may use it there.

Circulation Desk, Skylight Area and Power Wall

The current circulation desk has been moved multiple times over many years and needs replacing.  A new desk will be placed to the left of the door, when entering the library.  Printing and copying services for the public will be in easy reach for staff to assist when needed.  New books will be displayed along the wall to the right.  This move also frees up room for additional seating and book displays near the front.

Main Room & Collection Area

The book stacks will be moved to create more space.  We will keep the collection size the same.  This arrangement allows new tables, chairs and computers to be strategically located.  A staffed help desk will be placed between the study rooms and the quiet Fireplace area, and near the computers.  This makes staff more available to assist patrons when needed.

Fireplace Room

A glass wall will be installed to create a quiet area to buffer noise from the main part of the library. Quiet seating, study tables and research computers will be in this enclosed room.  More built-in wood shelving, in keeping with the historic feel of the building, will be added.

Study Rooms

Some enhancements are being considered that involve new technology and perhaps different furniture.

Teen Room

More comfortable furniture geared to this age group will be provided.  Some ways to reduce noise generated by groups using the area are under consideration.

Children’s Room

The area will be rearranged to allow more play areas.  More activity based educational toys will be added.  The self-service children’s books will be kept in the same bins, but the orientation will be changed.  Seating for children and caregivers to read together and tables and chairs for children will be added.

Activity Room

This area will be left as is except that a viewing window may be added on the Power Wall that will allow viewing from the main room into the activity room. This room used for most of the young children’s programs, some overflow  or older children’s and Teen’s programs, and some bilingual and adult programs. It provides a lot of storage for the supplies needed for crafts for the younger children. 

The Multipurpose Room and Kitchen

This area will be unchanged. New furniture is being considered that would be more comfortable to use and easier to store.  It is heavily used for large library programs.

Lower Gallery and Café Gallery

Seating and tables will be arranged to allow people to sit and read or visit with friends.

Upstairs Gallery, Board Room and Booksale Room

This area is the original library, donated to the town by Mrs. Benjamin Eaton in 1911. The Friends book sale will be relocated to display shelves in the upper Gallery.  The current Board Room and the Friend’s book sale room will be enclosed with double doors.  This creates additional space for community groups to meet and library programs to be held during the busiest times. Comfortable moveable furniture will be selected to increase the flexibility of these rooms.  The double doors to both rooms will be opened when the larger gallery space is desired for receptions or other group activities.  Another goal in the plan is to provide similar space to display the used books, as is currently provided.  Quiet seating will still be available in the window seat room.

Care to Comment?

You may comment on the plans in three ways: 1) Use this link ; 2) Send us your comments on the Eaton Public Library Facebook page; 3) email Library Board Secretary Shelley McLatchie at