Library Board

Board Meetings

Regular board meetings are held on the first Wednesday of every month at 5:30pm. Each of these meetings are open to the public.

Meetings are currently being held via Zoom. Detailed connection information is available here.

There will be a special Board Meeting held 10/29 to discuss bylaws. The same connection information found above can be used to connect to this meeting. The agenda can be found here.

Meeting Agenda: January Agenda

Space Planning Meeting: Special Agenda January 7th

Special Budget Meeting Agenda: 2020 Budget

Library Board Members

Julie Finn


Term Expires: March 2022

John Isbell II


Term Expires: July 2024

Shelley McLatchie


Term Expires: August 2024

Maureen St. Peter


Term Expires: July 2023

Nomie Ketterling


Term Expires: December 2020

David Sloan


Term Expires: April 2021

Michael Yancey


Term Expires: July 2025







Brenda Carns

Library Director



Board Packet 2020                               2020 Space Planning Agendas

Library Vision and Mission

Board Agenda and Minutes 2019

Board Agenda and Minutes 2018