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Artemis Online

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In Person Artemis SBS, For Teens

All hands to battle stations! 

Join Eaton Library staff and our flagship the Lone Howler for our Starship Artemis game nights.  No experience is needed, and all players are welcome.

Have you ever dreamed of being on the bridge of a spaceship?  Ever wanted to shout "The engines can't take anymore, Captain!"  Or maybe, "Enemy shields are down!  Tell them to surrender or die!"?

This is your chance. 

Starship Artemis is a spaceship bridge simulator game, in which players work together to fly a ship and defend the sector from enemy forces (among other possibilities).  Each player controls a single bridge station (computer), with completely different jobs--Helm, Weapons, Science, Engineering, Communications, and Captain.  It's like being on the Enterprise, from Star Trek.

Games are now being held as in-person events.  Registration is required for in-person participation

    All equipment will be provided for these events