Hometown Revitalization Committee

NEWS: The Eaton Hometown Revitalization Committee is asking for application ‘letters of intent’ to be submitted for vacant seats on the committee. New four-year terms will be selected in July and August of 2020 and will serve through July 2024. This letter would describe your level of interest in the revitalization effort, some information about you, past areas of contribution & experience, and your strengths. Please submit letters via email to mnichol@eatonco.org. Thank you.

The Hometown Revitalization Committee was created by the Eaton Town Board of Trustees to provide assistance and recommendations regarding development and redevelopment of commercial areas. The Committee’s responsibility is to advise on matters related to revitalizing commercial areas in town like improving existing commercial areas, attracting new commercial and retail opportunities, making physical improvements to commercial areas, marketing, promoting community events, recommending financial policies or capital expenditures to support revitalization, and medium and long term planning. The Hometown Revitalization Committee consists of seven members: two members shall be Board Trustees and five shall be residents of the Town, own property in the Town or be an owner/manager of a business in Town.


Current Board Members

Marq Nichol Chair Mnichol@eatonco.org
Weston Hager Co-Chair Whager@eatonco.org
Elizabeth Perkins Secretary Eperkins@eatonco.org
Lyn Ankeny Voting Member Lankeny@eatonco.org
Liz Godsey Voting Member Lgodsey@eatonco.org
Lanie Isbell Town Board Trustee Lanie.isbell@eatonco.org
Liz Heid Town Board Trustee Lheid@eatonco.org


April 17, 2020 at 6:00PM

To Be Held At 223 First Street, Town Hall Auditorium (This is a new location, please take note!)

​​​​​​​Business community meeting: Please note that the occupancy of the building is reduced due to COVID procedures. We will have chairs spaced out appropriately and ask that attendees wear a mask.




1 year of minutes will be archived online. Older minutes are available electronically by making a request to the Town of Eaton.

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