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Winter Storm Warning

Please read the following from the Office of Emergency Management, The following is the latest update to the Winter Storm expected on 03/13/19: Expect Zero visibility near the 12:00 noon hour, 2 inches of snow falling per hour, 40-50 mile per hour winds (possibly as high as 50-75 mph gusts), 1-4 foot snow drifts. Avoid travel if at all possible. Contact the Eaton Police Department at 454-2212.

County Road Closures

The Weld County Public Works Department will be closing CR 35 between CR 72 and 74 from 3/19 to 3/22 for culvert replacements. They will also continue closures on CR 74 between CR 39 and 41 through 3/29 for culvert replacements.


If you have any questions please contact Weld County Public Works at 970-400-3750.