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Winter Storm Warning

Please read the following from the Office of Emergency Management, The following is the latest update to the Winter Storm expected on 03/13/19: Expect Zero visibility near the 12:00 noon hour, 2 inches of snow falling per hour, 40-50 mile per hour winds (possibly as high as 50-75 mph gusts), 1-4 foot snow drifts. Avoid travel if at all possible. Contact the Eaton Police Department at 454-2212.

County Road Closures

The Weld County Public Works Department will be closing CR 35 between CR 72 and 74 from 3/19 to 3/22 for culvert replacements. They will also continue closures on CR 74 between CR 39 and 41 through 3/29 for culvert replacements.


If you have any questions please contact Weld County Public Works at 970-400-3750.



March 4: Trash Service to Operate on Holiday Schedule This Week

Due to the cold yesterday morning Waste Management ran into issues with their trucks and were unable to run their routes. Waste Management will be running on a holiday schedule this week due to the delay, meaning all customers will be picked up one day late.


If you have questions or comments about your service please call Waste Management's customer service line at 844-843-8870.




Change of Trash Services to Waste Management

Northern Colorado Disposal have sold their company to Waste Management and the town's contract has transferred to them. You may have received a letter in the mail from Waste Management saying that pickup times and billing have changed. This letter was sent in error. Your services will continue as they have before with the same pickup days and times, billing will still be through the town, and the charges will remain the same.



Garden In A Box Program!

Whether it’s that dying section of yellowing lawn, those tricky areas of water-thirsty grass, or that endless patch of unsightly weeds – we all have that secret yard shame. You’ve decided that this is the year you’ll finally get your yard in shape – but how can you get the gorgeous, colorful garden you want without doubling your already costly summer water bill?


Hometown Revitalization Committee Resident Survey

The Eaton Town Board established a committee, to be known as the “Hometown Revitalization Committee,” to act in an advisory capacity to the board and provide assistance and recommendations with respect to development and redevelopment of the commercial areas within the Town, including, but not limited to, the Town’s historic downtown on First Street and the corridor along U.S. Highway 85. The goal of the committee is to create a thriving business district that serves the residents needs and provides an entertaining environment that residents can be proud of.