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Governor’s Ranch and Aspen Meadows Irrigation Pump Repair Delayed Due to Irrigation Control Piece

The Governor’s Ranch and Aspen Meadows non-potable irrigation pump repair has been delayed with the new operational date scheduled for June 3, 2022. The Town of Eaton was informed on Monday, May 23 that a piece needed for irrigation controls was out of stock and not included in the shipment needed to complete the project. A different supplier was located this afternoon who could send the missing piece. The piece has now been shipped, but will not arrive until this Friday, May 27. This delay has forced the project completion date to be pushed out as well.

Town of Eaton to Pause Non-Potable Water Payment for Governor's Ranch and Aspen Meadows Neighborhoods until June

The Eaton Town Board voted at the May 19, 2022 Town Board Meeting to not bill residents in the Governor’s Ranch and Aspen Meadows neighborhood for their non-potable water charges for the month of May 2022. The decision was in reaction to the delayed repair of the neighborhood’ non-potable irrigation system. The irrigation system is scheduled to be operational by May 27, 2022.

5/18/22 Update on Governor’s Ranch and Aspen Meadows Non-Potable Irrigation System

The Governor’s Ranch and Aspen Meadows neighborhood non-potable irrigation system is now scheduled to be operational by May 27, 2022. Schedule delays for electrical connection and inspection as well as one critical part being on backorder caused further pauses to project completion. The Town of Eaton acknowledges the frustration the delay may have caused and thanks residents for their patience as this project nears completion.

Update on Xcel Project

Xcel has filed a complaint with the Weld County District Court in reference to the denial of the Special Use Permit by the Board of Trustees during the March 17 meeting. Since the meeting, Xcel has been evaluating paths forward on the project and is proceeding with litigation.

Interim Town Manager Wesley LaVanchy stated, “After the Board of Trustee’s decision, we anticipated Xcel would regroup to discuss options. We knew that legal action was one of those options.” The Town of Eaton is examining the merits of the claim and looking for viable paths forward.